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on July 1, 2010 | hide | past | favorite

Free? They claimed to have a full report on me, but wanted to charge 1$ for it.

I didn't particularly want to give them a dollar to see if they (as they claimed) knew who I was, my relatives, etc. But if anyone wishes to pay a dollar to determine whether they got 917-838-9491 correct, be my guest. Be warned that if they find less than 10 brothers and sisters, they missed some relatives. (At a guess they won't get any, or else they'll just get one brother.)

An unlisted landline number with Verizon returned full name, carrier, and cost center location within 10 miles.

A Sprint cell number gave correct name, carrier, and city as well.

Trying a Google Voice number, though, gives only an unrelated cost center and "Level 3" as the provider.

Pretty impressive, overall. Now I can finally figure out all my phone contacts with completely useless names!

Except it only tells you their carrier and general location. Kind of useful I guess, though I wouldn't say 'finally.'

It told me my name, carrier, and location - but the location was of my "rate center". I haven't changed my phone number since moving to northern California, so someone using this service to find me would think I'm in La Jolla.

I had mixed results, my number only showed the carrier, but my wife's showed her name.

FYI -- looks like ported numbers return the original carrier, not the current one.

I'd pay for an iPhone app that automatically did this when I receive a call.

I find it really annoying that the iPhone doesn't tell you what area code an incoming call is from, but it does show you on the missed call page.

Doesn't provide anything more than a google search does.

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