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GitHub updates Terms of Service (github.com)
94 points by sswaner 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

This is more exciting than this title suggests: this is a new repo for the site policies for GitHub.

From the email they sent out:

> We're updating our Terms of Service and Corporate Terms of Service. These revisions are the result of community feedback, along with clarifications and improvements to the readability of both documents. All changes are in separate pull requests in a new working repository, github/site-policy. Here, you can view, comment, and suggest additional updates—or fork a copy to adapt for your own site.

Please submit your comments by 5:00 pm PST on Friday, July 28. After that, we’ll take a week to go through your comments and make changes to improve the Terms. The new Terms will become effective on Monday, August 7.

Pull requests welcome

We welcome you to look over our changes and share your input using the new Site Policy repository. Please follow our Contributor Guidelines, and let us know if you see anything you think should be different—whether it’s a missed typo or a rule that might have implications we haven’t thought of.

I was coming here just now to see what others thought about this. I see the idea of an open, issue and pull request-able privacy policy as a really neat idea. It additionally gives you a full history of the changes made to it, because git. This seems like a cool choice by GitHub.

Out of curiosity, did anyone else get several copies of the email announcing this over the course of a few days?

> This is more exciting than this title suggests

If you are excited by that title I have an exciting opportunity I would like to discuss with you.

Send a pull request.

https://github.com/github/site-policy/commit/04c8757f1fefd3e... this is fun - if you're a US government entity, you get much saner terms of service - they will not delete your data on a whim or without warning, only if you break their ToS and don't fix it when asked to. Would be nice if this applied to non-governments as well.

File a PR.

I'm on mobile. I think this is the diff?


Can anyone confirm?

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