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All of my thesis project in immunology was automated, which involved several hours of blood processing repeated several thousand times (with some parallelization) by a team of a dozen robots. There are pics, schematics and vids here: http://www.zachbjornson.com/projects/robotics/.

I also like to say that the final analysis was automated. It was done entirely in Mathemtica notebooks that talk to a data-processing API, and can be re-ran whenever. The notebooks are getting released along with the journal article for the sake of transparency and reprodibility.

(Also, I automated my SSL cert renewal ;))

Awesome. You should write a paper on your paper writing / research / automation / publication process, to help advance the way scientific publishing is done.

This is awesome. I work in a research lab that does a lot of bench work and imaging under microscopy. I think that automating some of these processes would greatly speed up the research being done!

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