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[flagged] China mall introduces 'husband storage' pods for shopping wives (bbc.com)
77 points by vezycash 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 64 comments

It's a nicer alternative to the "idiot chair" that's usually in shops.

With the comment about why come out at all: some shopping we'd do together, others parts not. I am not interested in (insert item here) and my wife is not interested in a bored husband for example. I'd rather spend the rest of the day with her, do the shared shopping and then head off for a while and do something I'm more interested in and let her enjoy the part she likes.

We don't have to be attached at the hip or in different towns, there's a happy medium.

Every time I enter a clothing shop and see chairs, I thank the heroes of that establishment who thought about bored boyfriends.

Boyfriend couches are really useful in dating situations where the girl wants to shop but doesn't want to leave her boyfriend alone. It isn't logical, but hardly anything about dating is.

I don't think that's dating if they're already a couple. That's just going out together.

This sentence makes me realize I have no idea what the terms "couple", "going out" and "dating" (and even "boyfriend") mean, whatsoever.

All the exact same thing in my parts

Exactly. I'm perfectly happy to go shopping with my wife, but when we get to the women's clothing stores I'm generally just standing there bored. The longer I do that the more I'm just ready to leave when she's done rather than continuing to shop.

Boredom is actually a bit exhausting for me for some reason. Never have quite pinpointed why...

The only sane thing to do is to find the chair that is always close to the dressing room, sit down and read HN, and whenever she exists the dressing room I put down the phone and make a remark that signals I'm deeply interested, then I give her some advice. Then repeat. Pro tip: Remember to bring a charger or extra batteries.

Counter to that, my partner wants to check out the gaming or toy store. I might be bored stiff but give him the same courtesy of valuing his time and how he wants to spend it. At least, with gaming stores there is a hardware section which keeps me interested and I can talk to a clerk about current developments on that front.

If you successfully signal deep interest, that makes it more likely you'll be dragged along in future…

Almost 20 year husband protip: if you don't signal deep interest, your lack of interest will be used as a weapon against you later in several forms.

Sample size?

Does she really like such hypocrisy?

Giving advice signals he's genuinely engaged. When I take a friend shopping for clothes, you just want someone to give you a second opinion, gender-regardless.

I give her my honest opinion, unless I see on her face that she likes or or dislikes it, then I support her, but the interest in her clothing is a bit faked. Obviously I love her just as much whatever she wears. And yes it works well ;)

Why are husbands and men often framed as some degenerated chumps in media (just check the cover pic)? Aren't there any smart guys who just stay home or head to the gym while the wife is shopping? Or some who go along and enjoy the time with their wife/family?

For political reasons it must always be portrayed that way. See all TV sitcoms since roughly the 80s, etc.

Two decades of marriage indicates that much like a root canal, thirty minutes of selecting a new shirt for the big party seems like it takes hours of waiting but its really a very small slice of an otherwise enjoyable afternoon.

Due to aspects of contemporary style and higher physical variation in the female form, if we shop together to get new date night outfits or whatever, the vast majority of the time will be spent on her outfit. It drives my wife nuts that I can select a shirt or pants in about five minutes, and they actually fit me and my butt doesn't look fat or whatever it is she's selecting for.

I am so old I remember when enclosed legacy shopping malls had a variety of stores, not just 95% womens clothing stores, I can remember going to book stores and believe it or not, music and software stores when we were newlyweds. Perhaps much as vinyl makes music stores cool again, people will start distributing steam keys on floppy disks again, it could be very hip and cool with the youngsters. Also pre-Amazon, department stores were more interesting to shop at, if she was going to spend three hours trying on jeans I could buy a blender from housewares and I probably needed more AA batteries or dish washing soap or who knows, but now a days if I want a blender I comparison shop on the phone and its delivered tomorrow for cheaper than department store price, also I probably bought it when I thought of it weeks ago, not weeks later when I was bored shopping with my wife. I think of stuff that comes from Amazon boxes today, in the old days I shopped manually while my wife was trying to find a bra that fits or something for hours. Sears is a dead company now, but I spent a lot of time and money in my youth in its hardware store component, for example. To a large extent, "I'm bored" as a male shopper is a very "era of internet shopping" phenomena.

Local coffee shop has a "Free Husband Creche -- just buy drinks" sign. It's located in the front half of a pub, and they have decent wifi. I'm good.

The simple answer to this problem that seems to work for us (married 26 years) is to not go shopping together unless its to look at stuff we are both interested in. Which is pretty rare....

> Currently, the service is free, but staff told the newspaper that in future months, users will be able to ...

Changelog v0.2: Now with mandatory payment!

The phrasing users will be able to sure was an interesting touch. Don’t they mean users will be required to?

I'm confused, you're not excited by the forthcoming payment feature?

Why are these women bringing their husbands/boyfriends along at all?

Mobile Storage Facility Usage

More like Automatic Mobile Payment System, it is better then WePay or Apple Pay or Cash! It is all automatic!

Seriously this is part of the cultural norm in certain part of SE Asia. And leaving the your wife to do the ( her ) shopping by herself is viewed as inconsiderate and to some degree rude.

If you're shopping / in the area for more than one thing it makes sense.

I often go shopping with my wife and some items we both want to look for, others only one of us. Maybe she wants my opinion on the final choices she's made but I really don't need to be around for the rest of the deliberations. There's the exact same thing the other way around.

Credit card?

I wonder if they were inspired by Jerryboree from Rick and Morty.

Or Nathan for You? Pretty much the exact same thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi-3eRMpOC4

That was insanely painful to watch, thank you.

Pretty much all of his stuff is amazing. He did Dumb Starbucks awhile back if you're familiar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo_deCOd1HU

One of my favorites is Souvenir Shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBzW1xUjwew

x10 for souvenir shop. thank you.

heh, I've always wondered why arcade machines aren't peppered all over shopping malls.

There are so many bored husbands/boyfriends who could use them.

Because malls don't want to give broke teenagers a place to hang out.

A workable solution for kids would really be something. It's much harder to get anything done with bored kids than with a bored adult.

Maybe the bored adults can take care of the kids while the rest shop. ;)

Ikea understood this a long time ago: Småland

Indeed. The local IKEA understand this, but there is a time limit (3 hours, I think) which means it isn't very useful unless you need just to go in and grab a few items - if you need new furniture for a room, that will typically take longer.

On the other hand if you offer child care for 8+ hours, people will use it as a cheaper alternative to babysitting, and if you charge for it, most likely fewer people are going to use it.

The costs of constant cleaning, fixing etc. would make prices enormous.

I usually end up talking about supply chains and counterfeiting and such with staff when I go to shops with people, or their inventory management systems, turn rates, numbers of SKUs, etc., assuming I don't care about the product. The other fun game is "why is arbitrary product A worth more than arbitrary product B". This only really works in higher end stores; wouldn't work in a Walmart, but there I'm busy scouring the ammo shelves for deals.

In early 2000s a mall in Hamburg did a similar thing, calling it a Männergarten, though theirs had arts and crafts:


My mom sold men's clothing at a department store, my dad would never go a department store or the mall, I think the crowds spooked him out.

I married a woman who likes woman's clothing stores less than I do.

I can't figure out if this is something I'd use or feel that it's insanely patronizing. I suppose the market will tell which is which.

Embrace the power of "and."

American malls would need a bigger box. Probably three times that size at least.

Of course. Keep the guy saying "Honey, you don't need that! it's too expensive and you already have 6 at home!" willingly confined and out of the way. Brilliant.

Its nice to see retail outlets catering to the needs of men for a change.

Casual sexism is casual.

EDIT: Mayby I should clarify. Assuming that such a feature is only for “bored boyfriends” is casually sexist. And it is also homosexual erasure, come to think of it.

We detached this subthread from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14782174 and marked it off-topic.

If this is still reachable from the main thread I'd request that your reinstate it. My response to a response to this only makes sense in context, and is highly dependent on it. teddyh replying to the story and this comment mean different things.

Nuke the whole thing if that makes things clearer, but please do not make it seem like I'm saying things I'm not. I cannot say this strongly enough, please do not alter what I'm saying

Edit - maybe I'm getting confused but I'd thought things had been shifted around. If not, sorry, and if they've been shifted back then thanks.

I shouldn't rise to this, but it's a relaxed Sunday and I have some time to waste, and think it's important to look at what others say and think about how they may have meant it.

They did not assume it was only for bored boyfriends. They thanked the person who thought about bored boyfriends. That means the chairs are at least partly for bored boyfriends but not exclusively for bored boyfriends. The person replying, if a boyfriend, would have a convoluted thought process if it was 'I'm glad the person who designed the space thought about other people than me that I can also obviously make use of' rather than 'I'm glad the people who designed the space thought about me' when seeing something that benefits them directly.

> homosexual erasure

I feel your assumption that a bored boyfriend being considered is homosexual erasure ignores the boyfriends of other men. Or perhaps you meant something more specific but didn't specify? Perhaps you'd like myself and others to check before jumping to a conclusion about your motives rather than calling you a homophobe? Why not extend us the same courtesy.

While its nice that people consider the needs of other people, it also sends a social message.

To make a comparison, what if a IT company which had a similar ratio of male employees to female as this mall has female visitors to male, would make a "girlfriend waiting area that is designed for women"? Would it be a considerable and thoughtful idea, or would it be perceived as sending a sexist message?

Can't it be both a sexist message and a thoughtful and considerable act that benefit people directly?

I think I'd like to strongly re-say what I've already said.

The original comment was this

> Every time I enter a clothing shop and see chairs, I thank the heroes of that establishment who thought about bored boyfriends.

I do not believe that this was a sexist message. At least, I think it's a stretch to claim that it definitely is without clarification.

The mods have moved the comments about so if you didn't read things in this order, it may not have come across the same.

The comment I replied to could easily have avoided any comment by me by not referencing “boyfriends” as such, but instead “Significant Others” or some such more inclusive term.

I also think you read too much exactness into the original comment; it was casually written, and used the term “boyfriends” as a term for those who come into a store, not to shop themselves, but in the company of someone else who will. I feel that this is casually making unnecessary assumptions, and making some people feel like they are not “normal”, such as women who are not interested in clothes.

One must be careful when speaking and writing as to not make people with less-than-majority traits feel unwanted or excluded. Using gendered language where it is not strictly necessary is one such thing which should be avoided.

> The comment I replied to could easily have avoided any comment by me by not referencing “boyfriends” as such, but instead “Significant Others” or some such more inclusive term.

And what if they are a boyfriend? A boyfriend that sees a thing designed for people in their situation? Is it terrible for them to think "I'm glad people thought about boyfriends like me"?

> it was casually written, and used the term “boyfriends” as a term for those who come into a store, not to shop themselves, but in the company of someone else who will.

Or casually written as a person describing their own experiences as a boyfriend.

> I feel that this is casually making unnecessary assumptions, and making some people feel like they are not “normal”, such as women who are not interested in clothes.

It seems to me to make no assumptions at all, other than a boyfriend who does not enjoy clothes shopping is one of the groups that the designer considered.

> I also think you read too much exactness into the original comment;

You're on the verge of realising my core point. You took an incredibly precise meaning from the comment that, quite reasonably, said "boyfriends". It did not say others were not included, but that didn't stop you accusing someone of something I feel (and hope) most of us strongly disagree with.

Again, is it unfair for me to say your comment about homosexual erasure ignores homosexual men because you assume "boyfriend" can't refer to a man who doesn't care about clothes shopping with his partner who is also a man? Can't homosexual men also not care about clothes? Why do are you promoting such stereotypes? Is this not an unfair attack from me against you, because I assume you don't think this but your comment wasn't really quite clear enough not to be misinterpreted.

Can't speak for women, but I don't feel particularly "erased". Or normal. On whose behalf, precisely, do you imagine yourself usefully intervening in this way?

Anyone not covered by the term “boyfriend” is being implicitly “erased” by the original comment’s wording. Some of those people, like maybe a man-woman pair who are platonic friends where the man is not strictly a “boyfriend”, are less important to assert their rights for, since their existence is being less denied by the rest of society. Others, like maybe a woman-woman lesbian couple, is more important.

Your life must be utter torture viewing every human interaction through the lens of supposed 'gender equality'.

A women’s clothing store then, is casually sexist.


But then again, I like it so what does that make me? O.o

As long as wives are also allowed to use the pods while husbands go shopping, I don't think it's sexist.

Desperate for a discussion? ;)

Why not take a laptop to the mall and work where you are? Ever since i learned realizing any dream i have by coding. boredom has been absent from my life.

PS: Objectifying Guys as something to be stored, is okay. And we demand guy-stuff-quotas in every female clothing store.

Same here. The only things is not all shopping malls have great coffee shops. I'd happily pay some fee by the hour to have a nice environment for coding and coffee.

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