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Ask HN: Which blogs / sites do you follow to keep up-to-date with devops?
15 points by rajeshmr 95 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite
Dear HN'ers,

I would like to hear from you which sites/ blogs you follow to learn and keep yourself upto date with the latest trends in devops ?

Thanks for sharing the links..! :) Are there any irc channels / online communities to share and learn. I am planning to get into devops roles, hence any suggestions is highly welcome.

Would you please drop me an email ? I would like to get in touch with you! I think it would be fun learning from knowledgeable people.


I run https://lastweekinaws.com.

As a part of that, I follow a bunch of RSS feeds (keyword searches for AWS specific terms), most of the weekly newsletters mentioned below, the official AWS blogs (of which there are many), and a wide variety of folks on Twitter.

Slack teams are the OG-AWS slack team, and of course HangOps.

I will say I'm a bit leery of "keeping up with trends." I have an operational background; I like things to be a bit more baked before I put them into production. If I'm not the first person to hear about the next Kubernetes, that's okay with me.


Thanks for your reply! I have signed up with https://lastweekinaws.com. I am pretty new to devops and am interested to know which tools to learn and which are more baked and stable to take a plunge in. I am not so much into the latest and the greatest.

I was looking more into blogs / sites where they share their painpoints / experiences or teach about various tools etc.

Awesome job with your site, btw! Thanks for putting it up!

And i would like to connect with you and if you are fine, learn from you - as i am new to dev operations! How do i connect with you ?

I've found Devops Weekly to be a good, well-rounded source of news: http://www.devopsweekly.com

I've signed up! Thanks!

Useful! Thanks for sharing!

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