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Ask HN: What was your acquisition/acquihire/golden handcuffs offer?
18 points by throwawaydslkfg 191 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
There's been a lot of of great threads on salary/compensation, but there's very little info on startups that got acquired/acquihired, especially CEOs, CTOs, and other key individuals.

A friend of a friend apparently got acquihired by Google and was getting $500k/yr in stock on top of base, which must have been at least $200k if not $300k.

I'm sure the following info will be very helpful for many of us in the same position:

- Acquisition size ($)

- Equity % + payout

- State of startup (fundraising, failing or not, # of years, team size, etc.)

- Role in startup

- New role in acquiring company

- Did the acquiring company keep your product?

- Acquiring company (if you can say)

- Compensation package (base, signing bonus, annual bonus, stock, other special benefits, etc.)

- Handcuffs (vesting, clawback, performance-based earn out, etc.)

- Did you negotiate your golden handcuffs? If so, please explain.

This is going to be difficult to get answers to; if I remember correctly most of these acquisitions come with a non-disclosure clause.

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