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A link-aggregator for writing-related articles (narwhal.space)
179 points by lainon on July 15, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 25 comments

...Why the name narwhal.space?

It's a reference to space narwhals [1], a common meme in some circles.

[1] https://www.google.co.kr/search?q=space+narwhal&source=lnms&...

There isn't a .bacon gtld yet

probably because lexical.space was taken... ;)

Very cool. There are many aspiring entrepreneurs on HN and writers are entrepreneurs, too, so there may be something for the other to learn from either side. Spotted this article about time management on the site which could be helpful to any hacker holding down a day job and a side project. http://www.sfwa.org/2017/06/finding-elusive-writing-time/

Whence you can find the sentence:

> In terms of speech act theory, his locutionary acts — the things he says — are the same as his illocutionary acts — the meanings underlying what he says

It's more like Barnacl.es in that it's a highly-focused aggregator using the Lobsters engine. Upvoting it, though, in case any literature lovers would find it interesting.

I've always wanted to be a good writer and have been looking for another productive time waster. Thanks so much for posting this because I've already read about 3 things that really interested me.

My sentiments exactly, I've bookmarked this straight away, excellent resource!

This is interesting! Does anyone have an invite?

Agreed! An invite would really be helpful!

If either of you folks get one, I'd appreciate an invite too

Do you think the community has professional writers or only writing enthusiasts from the tech world? :)

I know this is kind of a joke comment but the community is tiny:


23 users

7 users that are semi-active (more than 5 posts)

None of which seem 'professional writers', but it's hard to guess from an empty bio and a random username.

I would guess more of the latter but at least some of the former. I would be very surprised if Cory Doctorow and Charles Stross didn't have HN accounts


The real news here is Michael O. Church has moved into writing fiction.


Arguably, most of his contributions to Google's mailing lists were a very strange and very long form of fiction...

I don't know about that, but this synopsis beats 99% of book blurbs I've read:


so fiction might well be his real calling.

Haha, I have hung out with Michael a few times. Very interesting guy, still very bitter with Google though.

Thank you for this!

Not sure why this is titled "A Hacker News For Literature". The site is very clearly writing focused and the about page says "This is a community based on lobste.rs. First and foremost, Write.Narwhal.Space is a link-aggregator for writing-related articles. If you're interested in learning more about the writing field, bettering your writing in general, or simply talking to other people interested in writing, definitely take a look around!"

I would suggest changing to "A Hacker News for Writing"

Right. The "Hacker News for Literature" would be something closer to Arts & Letters Daily, I suppose.

No RSS feed....

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