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Why there are mysterious giant barcodes across the US [video] (youtube.com)
24 points by ColinWright 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

"Aerial camera calibration targets".

Saved you a click.

Thanks - I despise this format of "let's explain a two-paragraph concept in a five-minute long video" where the text is ungodly slow to change and there's random highlighting of words.

The Google Earth imagery is really smooth. Really impressed with how far its come.

I wish it had a satilite only mode though. Satalite data is updated /way/ more often (twice a month or so for many places.)

[audio unnecessary] -- in case that helps to watch it (it often does for me).

But /u/_jamesA_ has the right of it: the TL;DR is "aerial camera calibration targets".

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