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Show HN: Pyxstitch – code to cross-stitch (enckse.github.io)
28 points by cakes 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Can anyone here recommend a good image to cross stitch pattern tool for windows?

Or even better, a web based one?

I made https://stitchpics.net a few years ago just for this.

100% client side, 100% browser based, made with polymer 0.8 i think.

You can see the code at https://github.com/Klathmon/stitchpics

It was written kind of as an exercise to learn polymer at the time, so forgive the questionable decisions in architecture.

Offtopic but, can you share the (front-end) technology stack used here?


All the code is at the github link above, but it's using Google's Polymer (version 0.8 or 1.0 I can't remember exactly). It used the "paper elements" elements from the Polymer team.

It is NOT idiomatic for that framework, as it was my first time learning it and it was going through a lot of change at the time (due to it being developed in pre-1.0).

Aside from that, it's just SASS, ES2015, Web-components, Web-workers, and a bunch of TypedArray usage.

I can't give an opinion on it, but my wife likes http://www.ursasoftware.com/WinStitch/WinStitch.html quite a bit.

Learning to cross stitch has been on my todo list for a few months, and this makes me want to do it even more!

I love this... Can you feed the patterns to a sewing machine capable of cross-stitches?

Are there machines capable of true cross-stitches? I've seen embroidery machines that emulate it, but they aren't counted-thread.

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