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How to learn machine learning in the simplest way?
21 points by cond289123 193 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments
How to learn machine learning in the simplest way?

Azure machine learning has a drag and drop interface (which allows custom code) and allows you to use it as a Web service, plus it's free. I'm currently using it and pretty happy with the results.

There's a bunch of 'learn as you go' workbooks that may be of interest to you too.


Additionally, the Machine Learning Crash Course Series from Berkeley is a good overall explainer of the concepts.


I've had luck with a mixture of online courses like Datacamp (https://www.datacamp.com/) and finding projects to try on sites like Kaggle.

What do you mean by "simplest way"?

for those that doesn't know the math used in ML, thats what I mean

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Be a machine :O


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