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@antirez: Congrats! Are you going to modularize disque now that v4 is ready?

Yes, one of the top items in the Redis 4.2 roadmap is to port Disque as a Redis module, so the steps are: 1) Implement a Redis Cluster modules API (I've already some draft design, basically there are low level stuff to enlist nodes, broadcast messages, send one-to-one messages, and have callbacks called when we receive a message), and then port Disque as Redis module on top of such API, so that we can both validate that the Cluster API is good enough with a real project, and can make Disque a first citizen of the Redis ecosystem without all the code duplication, that in the end, made the project extremely hard to sustain. Thanks.

I look forward to Aphyr scrutinizing it. No disrespect to you, his posts are always fun to read and show how hard it is to get this stuff correct.

I'm very excited about this!

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