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Because Google.

Go is quite similar to Limbo, by some of the same authors, how much success did it have outside AT&T?

> Because Google.

No, it was adopted quickly because it's a simple, script-like language producing static binaries that didn't require any runtime, highly portable with built-in cross-compilation, requires very little resources, is able to perform pretty damn good and has an extensive standard library (although not perfect) supporting many modern technologies.

That are a lot of boxes it ticks off. I remember wanting to start hobby projects with friends where the end-result would preferably be a native binary, and the limit was that I was the only-one with a C/C++ background. Now anyone with some scripting background can pick up Go in a few days, without having to worry too much about a build system, portability, cpu architectures, performance, memory leaks, ...

Sure, Google was the initial push, but it only really took off once projects like Docker showed it's potential.

Limbo was not freely available.

Vita Nuova has it on an open source license since March 2000, which means it has been freely available for the last 17 years!

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