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I always assumed the Go developers were more worried about the effect of this feature on compilation time than binary size. After all, Go shipped static binaries only for years. But making the type checker more intelligent is going to imply more time spent type checking. It could also add time to parsing unless they choose the syntax carefully.

Do generics really add much compilation time? They sure do in C++ but that is because type checking C++ generics is based on substitution into the method body, which can have other generic calls inside of, which can lead to an exponential cascade and therefore exponential time compilation. Modern generics do not do that: a generic method invocation can be checked based on the type signature of the method alone.

For code generation you can do what Java does and erase generics (i.e. ignore them), in which case it will be no slower than code generation for manually erased code, which is what programmers have to write now. For good run-time performance you'd want to do specialisation, which may take longer but not much longer if the compiler is clever enough not to recompile the same method many times. C# does that and its implementation is actually fast enough for a JIT, let alone ahead of time compilation.

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