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> The Result type forces you to at least actively dispose of the error.

Sort of: by default, an unused value of the `Result` type produces a compiler warning. Like all warnings in Rust, this category of warnings can be promoted to a hard error for all users with a single line of code. And unlike other languages where compiler warnings are uniformly ignored, there is a strong culture in Rust of making sure that code compiles warning-free (largely due to the fact that the compiler is rather selective about what to issue warnings about, to help avoid useless false positives and warning spew (there is a separate project, called "clippy", for issuing more extensive warnings)).

I think you're thinking of Result<(), E>, whereas they're thinking of Result<T, E>, that is, you only get that warning if you don't care about the Ok value of the Result. If you need the value, you also need to deal with the error in some fashion.

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