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I wonder how much Lovecraft was influenced by writings like this one. Creatures like 'Tsatoghua' and 'Azathoth' might be inspired by the depiction of 'Bael', 'Adramelech' and the likes.

Oh and by the way, with 'Necronomicon' you mean this this one [0]? I have one as paperback (I didn't even realized Hardcovers existed, up until now). Giger was always one of my favourite painters. I bet in a couple of decades, people will wonder about his images as we are wondering about Plancys Dictionnaire now.

[0]: https://www.amazon.com/H-R-Gigers-Necronomicon-Giger/dp/0962...

Lovecraft was more directly influenced by writers like Robert Chambers ("The King In Yellow") and Ambrose Bierce ("An Inhabitant Of Carcosa"). And the beings he describe tend to be completely alien, unlike the natural chimeras in the Dictionnaire Infernal and similar works. Even the tentacles and such which are familiar on Lovecraftian horrors tend to be described in ways that distinguish them from the familiar appendages of squids and such.

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