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It is new to C#, which is slowly catching up to Scala and F# in that regards. Mads Torgesen is good friends with Martin Odersky, in fact, when I first met Mads back in 2006 or so, they were talking about adding pattern matching to C#. C# is a much more conservative language, and it makes sense it would take a while to add.

There are good reasons to use C#, so when it gets a new feature that other languages have had for years, well, it is newsworthy.

Now when will javascript get pattern matching?

It's just become a Stage 0 proposal: https://github.com/tc39/proposal-pattern-matching

Woo hoo, can't wait. Especially with what TypeScript can do with this.

There is a paper, Pizza into Java: Translating theory into practice, from Odersky and Wadler at POPL 97 about how to mix generics, lambda and pattern matching in a Java like language.

C# and Java are slowly catching up :)

There's a proposal for it! Stage 0? Stage 1? Don't remember what stage it's in off the top of my head, but it looks promising.

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