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I kind of think the same way, but thanks to Docker and K8s success, it means we might have to deal with Go code regardless how we think about it.

Maybe. My intuition is that k8s is going to lose its luster once people actually have to do a little math related to its costs; while I think there are real reasons for something like it in on-prem environments, I think the cloud-in-your-cloud-so-you-can-cloud-while-you-cloud approach currently being rolled out is profoundly unwise. (Which is to say: k8s is functionally something to weld together to make an OpenStack alternative--such as it is--rather than a layer to plop on top of one.)

Docker...yeah. We're stuck with it there. And their historical security posture doesn't make me super excited, but...yeah.

I hate when you're right. But you usually are.

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