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There's no obvious way to separate personal work, from work work, from exploratory work, from any other way you want to categorise your source directories. You just have to chuck them all in the same root and hope you can remember what each project is for.

Uhh, just keep separate gopaths? I keep a separate go path per project.

That is the reason why GOPATH is an environment variable: so you can change it easily, you own way.

What? Manage it the way you'd manage any other environment variables, like AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY. That's exactly what a bash environment is for.

You want to manage GOPATH as if it were a secret key!? Not ever storing it in repos, having weird dotfiles storing them locally, having to set up a keystore cluster like consul in production? Yuck.

The point is it's a per-project config. And yeah, there's no reason to store "/home/artur/go" in my git repo - that wouldn't work for my coworkers whose names are not Artur.

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