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Despite all the hate for American Express's laughably weak passwords, they make incredibly easy to dispute a charge. There's literally a button by every transaction on listed in your account, just begging for you to click it.

actually amex are also the best for chargebacks from a merchant's perspective. they have an online interface you can log-in to and instantly see inquiries, fraud and chargebacks, and respond immediately.

they're also excellent about managing chargebacks, like when a chargeback comes through and you've already given a refund. this is so frustrating with Visa -- they'll actually still process the chargeback and ding you $20, even though you've already given the money back.

The standard chargeback fee for a merchant is $25 per disputed transaction, regardless of if the customer's dispute is valid or not.

AMEX not only provides the best interface to manage chargebacks, but they also don't charge a chargeback fee at all.

weak passwords? 8 characters ought to be enough for anybody.

My guess is that's a reference to this article http://trn.n0t.net/post/374883143/i-wish-that-i-could-use-a-... and HN discussion http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1108482 from a few months ago.

It's funny I just noticed this the other day on my account -- they even tell you when you try to log in that your password must be 8 chars. Might as well tell you that all passwords must begin with A.

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