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I had the EXACT same experience. Same situation, same results.

Although I never called my credit card company to do a charge back. In fact, right until this moment, I did not even know I can do this. It's been a year now. I am a cofounder and sole developer of a startup, and I am working full time to pay my bills and for immigration purposes. Basically, I figured I would rather not waste time at all, since I am really out of it. So do you think it might be worth a shot to even try to get that charge back from my credit card company, after almost a year? In my opinion, it might lead to more issues. It's 50 bucks. What do you suggest? Worth my time?

AMEX are very good about refunding transactions up to 3 months old - after that it is more difficult. (very good == one easy phone call, instant temporary refund, they send you lots of letters (for months)(bad), they eventually decide to make the refund permanent).

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