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This is ripe for The Consumerist website. I suggest if it's available in your area, take the Megabus over Greyhound. Free Wifi on board.

That's actually not a bad recommendation. If I've inferred correctly from the article, the writer is from Canada, and I am as well. Bus service choices are pretty limited in Canada.

Megabus, for example, only travels between about 6 or 7 cities in eastern Ontario and Quebec. Being from western Canada, our choices are incredibly limited here - Greyhound between major destinations along the Trans Canada highway, basically, or a regional carrier.

That said, the bus is one of my favourite ways to travel, as I very much enjoy having the option to read, code, sleep, etc. on long journeys. This is the same reason I enjoy train travel.

I took my share of Greyhound trips from Ottawa to Toronto, because it was cheaper than VIA Rail was. The last straw was when the bus that I was to take from Toronto to where I live left two hours early, leaving me stranded in Toronto at 6 AM after taking a 5 hour bus ride from Ottawa. Thank God for GO Transit.

What I really hate about them is that they have a schedule, but not really. They constantly sell more tickets than there are seats on the bus. The good part about this is that since your ticket isn't connected to a bus, you can take one any time on that day. But then of course 200 people try to get on an 80 person bus. It's a terrible mess.

To make matters worse, none of the other bus companies in Southern Ontario actually go to Ottawa, so its Greyhound or nothing.

So now I only take the train. It is always a pleasant trip. Definitely worth the price.

I only take the train now too.

Experience on Greyhound: forced to buy two tickets for the same trip. Experience on VIA Rail: picture with the Stanley Cup.

Megabus, for example, only travels between about 6 or 7 cities in eastern Ontario and Quebec.

That makes Megabus the Southwest of Canadian bus service.

Bolt Bus is on the same level as Megabus. It's cheap, very clean, and has free wifi on board.

Surprise, Bolt Bus is a 50/50 venture between Greyhound and Peter Pan.

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