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Ah, I love the ending! Aren't credit cards great? They actually believe their customers when you tell them you didn't get something.

I suspect they too know this "happens sometimes" with Greyhound.

Agreed, I wish more people charged back in situations like these, then the black mark would clearly be on the bad companies rather than the small% of customers who actually do it.

(Side note, I only skimmed the article, but a good piece of advice is to mention charge back a few times when you're in this kind of situation. I find that it speeds up the outcome, succeed or fail.)

This is a nice feature of credit cards. But no, I don't think credit cards are "great". They hurt small businesses, and because they refund to the customer so quickly, businesses usually take the loss in identity theft and similar situations.

Here in the UK they are obligated to by the Consumer Credit Act.

Having said that, Amex would kick ass on your behalf anyway, since their target market could have any card they wanted, they compete on customer service.

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