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We have heterogenous consumers - for example: One user accesses email a couple of times a day. Another constantly views twitter and loads heavy home-pages of their news sites. Another bounces around on sports news and streaming games (perhaps illegally). Another watches Youtube and Netflix, while scanning Facebook. Another mostly torrents.

Right now, we have user pays.

I think deregulation could/will rebalance these things.

- Our emailer will get a cheaper package.

- The news sites will get pressure to lighten up - more video compression, more care about image sizes.

- Youtube will probably be forced to share ad revenue with ISPs - probably leading to more ads.

- The illicit video streamers will probably be very unhappy as their bandwidth goes way down.

- The torrenters will probably be asked to pay more.

- Maybe we get more infrastructure.

- Maybe we get monopolies busted up.

IDK, all of this is speculation. So are all the loudly trumpeted possible downsides (of which I am truly fearful as well.)

But I just want some non-hysterical even-handed exposition. Is that too much to ask?

thats kind of what i was asking for (some concrete argument)

aren't all the things you bring up solved by usage based billing in the current model? thats pretty different than selective transit.

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