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Triplebyte (YC S15) looking for remote engineers
7 months ago | hide
We're building a consistent, reliable, credential-blind hiring process for engineers. You can read more about us here: https://triplebyte.com/press

We're looking for engineers to do remote, part-time work with us, as Triplebyte technical interviewers. This is a great opportunity for highly skilled software engineers to do well-paid, flexible work, on your own schedule.

Part of our evaluation process for our candidate is a technical interview, where engineers demonstrate a variety of skills and abilities. We're looking for people to help us administer those interviews. We'll pay $300 per two-hour technical interview.

This role is a best fit for solid engineers with deep knowledge and skill in many different areas. The work is part time, with a flexible schedule. Preparation for it will involve intensive, full-time training on site, with us, in San Francisco. You'll work with our custom interview processes and interviewing software. We've done thousands of hours of interviews - we're experts, and we'll expect you to be an expert before you can administer interviews on our behalf.

If you're interested, please sign up here: https://triplebyte.com/remote_interviewer

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