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Reflex: a new programming language for reactive programming by Facebook (youtube.com)
13 points by heathermiller on July 11, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Is there some website with some more info to read, for all those like me who dislike videos? I already googled "reflex facebook programming language" and found very little.

Quoting the talk abstract (http://www.curry-on.org/2017/sessions/reflex-reactive-progra...):

> Reflex is a new programming language for reactive programming developed at Facebook. It has many interesting characteristics, mixing OO and functional programming, it allows rapid development of applications with “spreadsheet semantics.

EDIT: to clarify: that's literally all I found. (I dislike videos so much I had missed that abstract is also on Youtube).

I don't think you'll find more about Reflex. The language is still in the late design stages, it has not yet been released. That video is probably the only public information about Reflex, straight from its creator's lips.

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