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> I don't experience a lot of obvious shilling on Reddit

It was more obvious before the election, when the shilling was so prevalent that different accounts were copy/pasting the exact same phrases into their comments. And you would see a new point brought up, then an hour or two delay, then a response would suddenly show up in multiple places, copy/pasted into many comments, in multiple accounts.

But watch /r/all sometimes... you'll see a topic just suddenly start appearing. As an example, you think Rick & Morty grew popular on reddit organically? No, that started over the course of about an hour one morning, as a clearly orchestrated effort, and it worked.

It doesn't happen all the time... quite a bit of reddit is still honest and organic. But watch it carefully, and enough of it is manipulated that I don't put much trust in what I see there.

The very first serious internet campaign I ever noticed was Britney Freakin' Spears. When her first album came out, she, in her little school girl outfit, were in literally half the banner ads you'd see in an average day. TV, magazines, etc. She was EVERYWHERE. I got the same impression with this Rick and Morty thing. After months of it, I finally watched about 5 minutes of it, and proved to myself that there was no way it was even remotely organic. I mean, come on! It's not even in the same league as Bob's Burgers! ;-)

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