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Agreed. To put on my white hat for a moment, vulnerabilities in a system should be documented and publicized so that they can be fixed. Exploiting those vulnerabilities for personal gain (to the detriment of society) is immoral, and in many cases, illegal.

And what do you do when the creator is not fixing the system? Astroturfed ads and PR pieces has been a problem on reddit for quite a while with no fix in sight.

What do you do when your neighbor's garage has been unlocked for a while, and a few folks have already taken advantage and stolen a few things?

Nothing, if you're honest.

If it just kept happening I think I might take a screwdriver and show it him at the next cookout. Maybe complain that his inaction was bringing bad characters to the neighborhood. Now that's obviously not the intention of this PR piece but it is the effect so I don't really see any issue.

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