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White men are expected to shrug off shitty behavior on the part of other people, so they do. IMO that makes life a lot less stressful.

It's not even usually "shitty behavior", it's just social interactions that are imperfect for one reason or another.

Concrete example: I see a lot of complaints from women about being talked over in conversations at conferences. I used to get talked over a lot too. It seems frequent that there are one or two people in a conversation who will talk over anyone with a less-pushing conversation style. I think most of these people are not doing it on purpose, they just really want to say things and don't properly gauge the social balance of the conversation. Also there are other weird human tendencies happening -- for example, someone habitually wanting to display how smart they are -- which, while being mildly negative, are not negative in a way that involves hostility to others.

> IMO that makes life a lot less stressful.

IME shrugging of shitty behavior makes life seem less stressful for a while, but the hidden stress of holding everyone on arms length so they cannot hurt you takes its toll. Sometimes you break down, sometimes you just get cynical and start seeing everyone as an asshole.

Men don't shrug off bad behaviour. They quickly put down those who insulted them and it is accepted as normal.

Yeah... no. That's just the apex fallacy. Your boss puts you down. Normal guys just shrug it off and think "what an asshole".

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