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Speaking of fake Reddit stuff...

Reddit has a SERIOUS political astro-turfing problem.

Some would argue it swayed the US election. Some would argue Reddit is bought and sold.

The popular or all experience is completely different. Commenting you don't even know if it's a real person or not.

Does anyone know a forum similar to this or Reddit where it's ALL verified accounts?

Metafilter maybe.

There's a one time $5 fee at signup and a 1 week waiting period after to post/comment. Seems to do a good job preventing this type of thing because the costs quickly get prohibitive if your dummy accounts keep getting deactivated.

It's still an ugly echo chamber on politics though, it is extremely far US-left on everything.

Nominal fees don't work because someone will just lay the $5 per account knowing they can sell them later for more. Even Reddit accounts aren't free when you factor in the cost/time to set them up and build a bit of karma.

It all depends on how aggressive the site is on cracking down and banning dummy accounts and the cost of the "upvote packages" (which I can't seem to find). On Metafilter they seem quite aggressive so the accounts have very limited value/lifespans.

A dummy account on reddit may be allowed to vote hundreds of times before being banned so the price per vote becomes minimal.

>Does anyone know a forum similar to this or Reddit where it's ALL verified accounts?

I'd personally head in exactly the opposite direction - somewhere where there are no accounts at all, in the tradition of anonymous imageboards since the founding of 2chan. Granted the selection isn't so wide any more.

Yes, go into subreddits with population < 20K users. They start turning bad at 20K, from my personal observation.

Your local coffee shop.

"All verified accounts" sounds like a boring echo chamber.

Can you elaborate in your comment? What do you mean local coffee shop? And why is an echo chamber insinuated in that statement?

lobste.rs comes to mind. I've never used it though since you need an invite.

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