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CS:APP covers compilers? My school runs a clone of that course where we do a selection of the labs (malloc, shell, bomb, etc), but we didn't touch anything like compilers. Maybe I'll have to go look through that book again!

Any chance your school makes its exercises available? I've been trying to go through CS:APP myself, but the exercises aren't included and I believe I'd need a .edu email address to get them.

No, the authors guard that stuff pretty jealously, and instructors are forbidden from allowing the exercises or solutions from being published online. It's a well-known course used at a large number of schools outside of CMU (150+ I think?), so they're concerned about people distributing solutions or something. Maybe you can try emailing the authors about it or something?

I have a .edu address....

It is very light, but does have some nice bits on the pros and cons of certain compiler optimizations, memory handling, etc.

Gotcha, I'll have to check that out!

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