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Roland McGrath bows out as glibc maintainer (lwn.net)
198 points by signa11 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Thank you & I hope I'll be able to show such a positive attitude after 30 years on a FOSS-project. I'll print out and pin the resignation later above my desk as a brutal reminder what I failed to do so far: friendly exits from projects I put my heart into before.

> This summer marks 30 years since I began writing the GNU C Library. (That's two thirds of my lifespan so far.)

So he started writing it at age 15?

Yeah Roland is the man!

Thank you Roland for all your years of service. Maintenance of one of the most important FOSS projects around must not have been easy. Cheers!

Wow! I wonder about the kind of withdrawal issues that someone with such a tenure would go through. For me, the first six months after I handed over and left a codebase I owned was tough! And that was after only 4 years of work in it, and Roland has done glibc for 30 years.

It's habit forming but not addictive. I hope "pre-roll'n Roland" has some big well earned recreational (and not medical) tasks queued up on his tray to do next. He's earned it! ;)

Maybe i am a bit confused, but i have the impression that Drepper was in control of glibc development for much of the 90s, and these days there is a committee of sorts in charge.

Could not have gotten this far without you. Fantastic. Thank you.

Classy. I've seen too many situations where the old man wouldn't die or relinquish power but also wouldn't contribute anything but obstruction. There should really be more of a mentorship model rather than the assumption that a director will be around indefinitely.

That's the Dianne Feinstein-model of FOSS leadership. ;)

That's funny. I thought it was the Nancy Pelosi model.

I thought it was the Saint IGNUcius model! ;)

Awesome guy! Met him during my tenure at Google when he worked on Chrome.

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