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Ask HN: Is it possible to "find" a cofounder?
11 points by kluikens on June 29, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments
Hi all, I started taking an idea that's been burning in my head for a couple years more seriously recently.

I'm starting to think more seriously about who my target audience/market is, how big said market is and the available money within that market, first functional versions of the application, and so on. I spent most of this last weekend just in front of my white boards, sketching out ideas and writing down lists of things to do or areas I need to research so I can turn my guesses and assumptions into assertions based on facts. I started wondering if it might be worth it to apply for the next YCombinator round and read over Drew Houston's application for Dropbox Saturday night (thanks Drew!). That made me realize how far I have to go before I can even start to ask if the idea is an endeavor worth pursuing. Reading over Paul's guide on how to apply reinforced that I'm not to the single founder rule. So, I've added "Find a cofounder" to my to-do list.

Thing is, I've been "looking" for a cofounder for a while. I don't actively search, but I often share my ideas (and especially this one) among programming friends I trust. All are nice and feign interest, but nobody is as passionate about raw data from public records like I am. Maybe I should be studying Statistics instead of CS? ;) Some friends are interested, but those few are at most a fraction as passionate as I am about my idea. Of course, I understand it's my idea and that's why I'm passionate about it. But I wouldn't feel comfortable coding this idea up with anyone who's not even close to as passionate as I am about it. I'm not crazy, right? From all that I read, especially from Paul and HN, it seems that both/all parties need to have this insatiable drive in order to have any chance.

So, is it possible to actively search for a co-founder? Has that worked for anyone?

tldr; Getting serious about idea for a business; have told friends and although some are interested, none are passionate/hungry; is it possible to find a cofounder? for that relationship to work if it wasn't pre-existing?

Unfortunately, location has a huge impact on finding a co-founder. I live in Detroit and I am having the same problem trying to find anyone motivated enough to build a startup with.

One idea I am considering is to partner up with someone online to begin development on the project. If the two of you can work together and build a reasonable prototype, then consider an eventual move to silicon valley and applying for funding and such.

Agreed. I'd be open to this type of situation.

But how to find said person.. there isn't an online community of potential co-founders that I'm aware of.

Maybe the best solution is what nudge suggested. The idea seems more appealing the more I type this comment. And if I want to present my idea to HN, that'll really motivate me to get my shit together.

Send me an e-mail if want to consider this.

tj - i have two people in detroit area who would likely be interested in talking to you about a startup opp. email me if you're interested.

I don't see your e-mail in your profile. Are they willing to relocate as well to SV?

email's in my profile - mgkimsal@gmail.com (shows it to me - not sure why you don't see it). No, neither are able to relocate at this time (not sure if they're willing but I know in short term that's out of the question). You mentioned Detroit, which is why I brought it up.

Don't get a co-founder just because the gurus say you need one. Like any other person you involve in your business, get them when you need them to advance your business.

Build something cool and it won't be hard to find someone who wants to help out at the executive level.

Why not put the idea out there and ask for help in building it?

I guess the question is, where? I think the only place I would trust is HN.

I've got to remind myself to not be so paranoid. There aren't people spending their whole days lurking to steal 'your' idea. Even if they did, the vision isn't there to see it through.

It's natural to be paranoid about such things, but you can overcome it. It is extremely unlikely that someone is just waiting for a good idea to copy (and that yours is the one they will pounce on). And even if you don't tell people, they'll find out when you go live. So all you get is a bit of a headstart.

Really it's worth far more to get a wide variety of opinion and critique, and potentially a cofounder, than it is to guard the idea for fear of having it stolen.

> I guess the question is, where?

Here: http://bit.ly/Z8U5U

Ha! Nicely done..

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