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A technical analogy that people on HN people might understand better, is there's a difference in quality of service between paying a IT guy $100K/yr to keep your stuff like a webpage up, vs paying a discount hoster $3/month to keep a webpage up. Worst case situation will result in behavior where an outage is worth $100K/yr or the cost of sales of a $3/month AAS provider. I worked in engineering at a AAS provider a long time ago, and the realization that what I can do to fix something as a normal sysadmin is enormously greater than what I can do for less than the cost of sales of replacing the customer at a AAS shop is pretty shocking.

This effect extends thru the entire economy.

From observation its not that people who are poor have no ambition, they just have ambition in areas not involving getting lots of money from work or "reward" from management recognition. They want a happy family life, sex, be cool, get drunk often, ambition in all manner of things, just not into working 10x harder for 2x more money. I probably work 100x harder mentally than when I was a high school kid working at a supermarket and I barely make 10x as much money. For me working 100x harder is not a big deal because supermarket work is not exactly rocket surgery, but I can see a lower ability normie not seeing 100x harder work as achievable without excessive stress for them at their performance level, or perhaps being impossible for them. The "sit at home" under a UBI scenario seems incredibly unlikely. You might not agree with or appreciate the effort of "being cool" or posting high score posts on facebook or obtaining sex, but they will certainly sweat a lot of effort into achieving it. Playing video games is not very profitable but it is somewhat ambitious and takes a lot of effort.

To some extent a marketplace that doesn't meet the participants needs is a failure of that marketplace, which describes a lot of our labor system for a very large fraction of the population. Its not really their fault the system is irrelevant to their interests.

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