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I suffer with OCD - and I mostly let it go when people say "I'm so OCD" about needing something organized, or wanting something cleaned, etc.

But I do try and educate others on what OCD actually does to people like myself when the opportunity presents itself as it's definitely one of the most misunderstood disorders. It can easily ruin a day/week for me if I let the intrusive thoughts take over.

Anyone interested, take a read through the "symptoms" here:


I just want to highlight one line from that article that is easy to overlook:

> People with OCD understand that their notions do not correspond with reality

It's like having two thought processes running simultaneously - there's one set that is exactly how I was pre-OCD, and there's another that is _constantly_ trying to inject the various obsessions and compulsions. It's really disconcerting to have thoughts that don't really feel like your own thoughts, recognise them as dumb and irrational, yet end up acting on them anyway.

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