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Hey Peter, I'm a 25 year old founder who started a company right after the college. I started the company via Stripe Atlas in Delaware and recently moved from Turkey to San Francisco. Now we're in Batch21 of 500Startups and plan to stay here for the next year. I have B1 visa right now and looking for ways to extend it in order to be able to stay here.

1. 500Startups invests $150K similar to YC and since I only have a single company incorporated in USA the investor visa doesn't seem applicable to me.

2. Getting an O1 visa is also may not be easy because I just got my undergraduate degree from the university and my only success story is the company that I have right now.

3. A few attorney suggested me to apply for an MBA program but it's expensive in San Francisco and I don't have enough time for that.

So what are my options right now? I was waiting for the startup visa that will go into effect on July 17 but it looks like Trump might kill it. I feed desperate right now since I really believe that I should stay here because our potential customer base is in SF and our growth rate can be much higher if we can live here.

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