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Hi Peter,

I have a question about EB2-NIW (or EB1-NIW). * I'm a recent PhD graduate in Electrical Engineering with a focus on defense related projects. * I do not have any peer reviewed publications, but several conference publications. * I have several nationally acclaimed fellowships from national labs and federal organizations. * Currently, I have an offer that will set me up as a post doc in a completely different field (from engineering to education) with a very high probability of 5 peer reviewed publications in average impact journals within a year.

Should I wait to publish those papers to apply for EB2-NIW? Or should I go ahead and apply for EB2-NIW right now? Will the fact that I've published peer reviewed papers in a different field affect the application?

That's a tough one. I'm not a big fan of NIWs anymore. I'd need to review your entire background but my gut is to go the EB1A route after your 5 peer-reviewed publications. I assume that there must be some connection between your EE work/background and your career in education. Is it STEM education?

It is STEM Education. I'm form India, which makes an EB2 route exceptionally long. Good to hear that EB1A is a possibility. Regarding the publications, do I need to wait for them to garner citations? or am I good to go as soon as I have them published?

Citations are helpful - more in support of the original contribution criterion - but not required.

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