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Everything I read about US immigration seems to indicate it's next to impossible and unless I'm some kind of mythical "10x developer", companies wouldn't bother with the visa process. Is that accurate?

I have friends actively avoiding applying to US companies because they think getting a visa is impossible. What should I tell them? Is there a type of visa that's more friendly to foreign engineers?

Your right, unfortunately it's tough unless one is from a country with a specific visa (such as Australia, Canada, or Mexico) or is being transferred on an L-1 visa to a related entity in the US.

L-1 Visa, but you have to work at a foreign branch for at least 1 year. It's the path some family members and coworkers have taken.

Some of the larger top companies in the U.S. will accomodate that and set you in the Irish or Canadian offices for a year, but you have to be good :)

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