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I feel unwelcome and uncomfortable when I enter the US on a Visa. The things I've seen border agents say make me feel like many border agents would love to find an excuse to deny anyone entry.

Is there any solution to this, or do I just need to accept that it's a part of it?

I am a US citizen and I feel unwelcome and uncomfortable when I interact with border guards. I know you all have it worse and I have rights that you do not, but I just want to let you know that it is a systemic problem not limited to immigrants. It's rooted, I think, in the power-trippy "respect my authority" culture that has permeated all American law enforcement.

> I have rights that you do not

AFAIK your rights as a citizen don't apply at the border.

A US citizen cannot be denied entry. Your stuff can be, you can be stripped naked and cavity searched, ruthlessly interrogated, humiliated, temporarily detained, and generally treated without even a hint of human dignity. But they can't keep you from entering the country, eventually. This has been established by supreme court precedent.

This is both good to know and sad at the same time. Thanks

My feeling is that while one needs to be respectful, one also needs to stand one's ground if one is admissible and ask to see a supervisor if the questioning/behavior isn't appropriate. It's also important to be well-prepared with appropriate supporting documents. If the questioning/behavior is somehow related to past issues/admission, then filing a "complaint" with DHS TRIP sometimes helps.

Thank you

It costs you nothing to smile and be courteous. It might find you a change of heart.

You're assuming that I don't already do this - I do :)

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