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Hi Peter, I'm working with a L1B visa in US right now and will get an H1B approved soon. My employer filed H1B for me and will hold it for a couple of years without activating it until my L1B visa expires. The company is doing this so that I cannot change job. If I get an offer from a startup or Google will they be able to activate my H1B somehow?

That doesn't sound right but it's likely that USCIS will consider you as subject to the lottery again because you never activated the H-1B.

Thank you Peter. If I go through the lottery again I may have 35% chance to get a new H1B and use it after Oct. 2018. Many companies wanted to hire me could not wait till then. I'm considering to get legal help to activate the H1B I'm going to get very soon.

That makes good sense.

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