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I'm a photography artist and have recently become also a tech start-up entrepreneur. We're now looking into moving into the US within the next year or so and I'm looking into the visa options. What would be the visa to apply as an start-up entrepeneur? I have also considered applying for the O-1 visa as an artist. Can I work as an artist if I have received my visa on the basis of the start-up and vice versa can I work in a tech start-up with an artist visa O-1? I am from the EU.

You might have multiple options such as an E-2 and an O-1 or even EB1A green card. Regarding your job flexibility, this will depend on the facts, how your job duties are defined, because you are broadly limited to doing what is represented in the O-1 petition.

Hi Peter and thank you very much! How strictly is the job duty limitation enforced and does it allow occasional exceptions that would be outside the job duty definition? Is having a wide job duty definition a hindrance for getting a visa?

Again, this is hard to answer in the abstract but for example, I see no issue with someone, who is an artist, getting an O-1 as an entrepreneur but as part of his or her job duties, doing artwork - but the artwork needs to be for the US company in your capacity as an employee of that company.

O1s are easy for artists, I know about somebody that worked on music software that got one in 2 months. Business related O1s are much harder

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