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Can you outline the big changes that have happened over the past year?

Has the H-1B cap lowered? If it still gets booked up within a week, what options do people have?

It sounds like the cap is pushing people to other categories like the O-1 and the EB-1 (if they can afford it).

There really haven't been any changes to the H-1B program other than an increase in site visits to ensure that the employee and company exist and that the employee is doing what he or she is supposed to be doing. The cap still exists and is still getting filled up within a week so individuals must look at other options, such as the O-1 or green card, unless they are from a country with its own visa classification, such as Australia, Canada, and Mexico (and Chile and Singapore to a lesser degree).

Hi Peter, could you please elaborate on the "lesser degree" for Chile & Singapore? I'm Chilean and currently under h1b1 and AFAIR it was a relatively painless process: from our side it took about one-two weeks and it was open window with its own cap. Has this changed recently?

Probably a bad choice words. I simply used that term because the H-1B1 is a subset of the H-1B. But you're right, it tends to be a very quick and easy process. The only challenge can be in the renewal context since an applicant must be able to demonstrate his or her intent to return home.

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