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Hi, co-founder of Gitter here.

Gitter is not intended to be a replacement for Mattermost, Slack or other team collaboration tools. We see Gitter as a community instead.

As such, we're not expecting to see a huge uptake of on-site installations, so the list of required services (es, neo etc) is big compared to other products focused on on-prem.

We're hoping that our users will contribute to the main site, Gitter.im.

Obviously, we're also totally happy with users running their own Gitter installations but, while we would like it to be easy, ease-of-installation of a production instance is not a goal currently.

What would be the hardware requirements to run gitter for a couple of hundred accounts?

We haven't done much benchmarking at that end of the scale, but I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't be able to run it on a single server.

Sure, but is it a 5USD/month DO instance or a 640USD/month one?

The easiest route for installations would be to offer a docker image and docker-compose file to set up the multiple services.

We currently use docker-compose for the development environment. I'm currently simplifying this to allow developers to get started with minimal effort:


Going forward, I agree that we could offer a more production-like docker-compose setup and/or Kubernetes Helm Charts.

> we would like it to be easy, ease-of-installation of a production instance is not a goal currently.

ok but doesn't it behoove you anyway to have e.g. dockerfile and/or ansible roles for dev/staging environments?

We have a docker-compose.yml for development environments and I'm currently in the process of simplifying this[1] so that Docker for Mac/Windows will be able to spin up an environment with little effort.

We use ansible for provisioning beta/staging and production. We have yet to open source the ansible repository but, since we're switching to GitLab CI/CD, the deployment process will soon be publicly accessible - even for production.

1: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitter/webapp/merge_requests/1... so that

They probably do have some sort of automation, but it's likely specific to their environment.

We use Ansible / packer & terraform. Open sourcing this repo will be fairly complicated but it may make more sense for us to publish a k8s helm chart or more complete, production-ready docker-compose.yml

you are already using docker-compose.yml. you should use definitely do a production ready docker swarm deployment. you only will need to do incremental changes to your docker-compose

Make a merge request.

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