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SugarCRM | REMOTE; ONSITE Cupertino, Raleigh, Munich; Sydney | Fulltime

SugarCRM is hiring for a variety of positions, both technical and otherwise, in a number of locations. You can see all our open positions here: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3MyIMiwB

I've been at Sugar for over 5 years now and it's honestly the best job I've ever had. If you have any questions about working here, feel free to ask here in the thread, and I'll do my best to check back regularly. Please note, I am not part of the hiring process, just a member of the team trying to get the word out.

Please, no recruiters or placement agencies.

Only the 'senior ops engineer' positions are remote?

I believe that's the case at this time. However, we do have many remote employees, and it's likely that we'll list other remote positions in the future. Also, I can't give specifics or make promises as I am not involved in hiring, but there might be a possibility that remote would be allowed for the right candidate, even on a position that isn't listed as such. I don't think there would be any harm in applying for a position not explicitly listed as remote.

How do you feel about SuiteCRM?

So, I don't want to just dodge the question, but I'm neither part of the legal nor marketing teams, and as such, I suspect I'm not cleared to talk about this in public. I doubt there's a way for me to respond to this that will satisfy both you, and the marketing and legal departments. Willing to call it a draw?

Sure thing. For what it's worth we use it at my work, and I think it's awful code quality and bug wise.

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