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Notion | Software Developer | SF | https://www.notion.so | Full Time | Onsite

     Hey founder of Notion here. You can think of it as the next generation Microsoft Office meets Minecraft
     (and actually a visual programming language behind the scene).

     We made a graphic novel about why we exist. (It involves Steve Jobs believe or not):

     Read more market related comments on Product Hunt. (Notion was one of the fastest voted of all time):

     We are tiny at the moment. The business is growing fast.
     We have a beautiful artist loft in the SF Mission district, with the best investors out there (notion.so/investors).
     You need to be able to build things and think conceptually.

     Email me directly at "ivan@makenotion.com"
     Have a good one.

Just in case https://notion.so/about does not work in at least Microsoft Edge browser.

And yet ivan@makenotion.com seems like a dev/null address - no response to messages sent there.

ivan@makenotion.com is my personal email that I use everyday.

To Andrew: your last email was replied on June 8th.

Cheers, Ivan

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