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Tempo Automation | Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack) | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE https://tempoautomation.com

Tempo is accelerating the pace of electronics development. We make printed circuit boards quickly and reliably, to ensure electrical engineers have a much tighter feedback loop when they're iterating on their designs. By combining quick-turn manufacturing with automatic CAD analysis + instant design feedback, we're trying to give electrical engineers access to extremely high-quality dev tools, similar to what SWE's are already used to.

We run a factory in SF, so working as a full-stack SWE (we currently have 4) means you get full ownership over projects as diverse as automating factory equipment, optimizing logistics, analyzing CAD files, and delivering beautiful customer-facing features on our website.

Our customers make this job awesome: we're helping rocket companies launch satellites into space, AI companies produce custom hardware, healthtech companies advance robotic surgery, and much more.

Stack: ES6+React, Python+Django, Postgres, and AWS.

Interview process: Non-technical phone screen, code challenge, technical phone screen, onsite.



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