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Outcomes.com | San Francisco Bay Area, CA| Co-founder CTO | Full-time | https://outcomes.com

We're building a platform to transform patient feedback and bring objective patient-reported outcome measurement to routine practice. Our web/mobile-web/sms-based software automates the process of checking in with patients before and after major treatments. We're starting out by using validated surveys to measure changes in symptoms, function and quality of life over time and bring that data back to the point-of-care to close the loop, enable proactive decision making and help practices navigate the shift from volume to value.

We have a HIPAA compliant MVP that is already used by practices and a grant funded project with UCSF. We've bootstrapped to where we are today and have an incredibly clean cap table. As a committed full-time physician founder I'm now looking for an ambitious technical partner who can really help drive the business forward, put us in the sweet spot to raise some initial funding and grow the team. I'm looking for someone who:

- Is startup ready: willing and able to get their hands dirty, take on the risk that an early stage startup involves in return for real founder-level equity and little or no pay until we raise funding. Not someone wanting to sit on the fence until it takes off.

- Has the right skills: Fluent in JavaScript, experience working across the stack but more than anything else a history of building, curiosity and learning with a need to create something great.

- Is the right fit: Experience nice but not necessary, however an active interest in improving healthcare is a must. Someone who enjoys building teams and helping people grow.

If you're interested in learning more please contact me at francis@outcomes.com

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