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brightwheel | San Francisco | http://mybrightwheel.com

Brightwheel is the first mobile platform for early education. It's a super talented team + a meaningful product that impacts daily life for teachers and parents. We are far outpacing our growth plan, now in every state and growing globally - with incredibly passionate users.

Here's more in a quick video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iKitGJeAZ4

Stack: Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, native Android & iOS

For the following positions, we are looking for Senior level:

Full Stack and/or Backend engineer: * https://angel.co/brightwheel/jobs/46968-lead-engineer

Dir/VP of Eng: * https://angel.co/brightwheel/jobs/139087-director-of-enginee...

Head of Product and/or Product Manager: * https://angel.co/brightwheel/jobs/91357-head-of-product

Head of Design (UI/UX): * https://angel.co/brightwheel/jobs/51213-head-of-design

Please contact julia@mybrightwheel.com and prefix your email subject line with [HN].

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