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eero | San Francisco, CA USA | Full-Time | On-Site | https://eero.com/jobs

I'm Josh and I work on the Data team here at eero. We rely on data to inform and drive product decisions, improve network and mesh performance, set marketing strategies, enhance factory testing, provide better customer support and much more.

Our real-time data platform is critical to providing high performance, adaptive networks for our customers and actionable operational insights for the company, requiring a strong and scalable data infrastructure. We are a small company but with a large data challenge! For our data infrastructure we strive to choose technologies that build for our current and future data growth, creating a platform that makes use of technologies such as Kafka, Spark, HBase, and Parquet on AWS S3 as well as our own custom in-house low latency scalable data infrastructure.

We have a ton of open positions right now, but on the data team we're really excited about finding Sr. Data Engineers, Software Engineers with a focus on distributed data systems and infrastructure, and Data Scientists to work with our product and engineering teams.

Full Job list: https://eero.com/jobs

Keyword soup: Machine Learning, Scala, Spark, Kafka, HBase, Python, Mesh Networks, Go, Kubernetes, Sensor Data, ETL, anomaly detection, Redshift

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