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Amplify | Product Engineer | San Francisco, CA | Full-time, REMOTE, ONSITE

Help stop Trump. The past six months have seen an explosion of local grassroots groups across the country. Amplify is an app that lets groups share calls to action with their members, grow their membership, and collaborate with other groups.

Non-profit work with real pay.


Wtf does "Stop Trump" even mean? He is the democratically elected president, elected by a "grassroots" working-class movement by the way.

He seems to be an aspiring autocrat. For example:

* He has made false claims about voter fraud, likely as a precursor to attempting to squelch voting rights

* He attempts to undermine critical media

* He has advanced an unconstitutional religion-oriented immigration ban.

* He fired the FBI director because he didn't like how he was handling an investigation that touched his campaign.

Ultimately power in a democracy lies with us people. It's up to us to do more than provide a few bits of information every election period -- it's up to us to get organized.

The problems go way beyond Trump. I'm not his biggest fan by any means, but the hysteria that surrounds Trump weakens the effectiveness of the resistance against the current US administration. The last US President to not pull a series of dick moves was probably Jimmy Carter, Trump is just less adept at hiding it than his predecessors.

Bashing Trump isn't going to work for getting lasting change. A lot of people are tired of the politics of fear. If you want to engage with the masses, look for positive practical non-partisan action that works at the grassroots level. Avoiding getting sucked into the national media circus that constitutes modern political coverage is generally a good idea. Please focus on local change first.

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