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LoadDocs | Frontend Engineering (Mobile and Web - React/React Native) | San Francisco, CA | ONSITE, http://loaddocs.co

LoadDocs is building a modern operating system for logistics; our initial focus is on over-the-road truck freight.

The majority of our team were part of the founding engineering team at Addepar. We're well funded by 8VC, Goldcrest Capital, and a bunch of great people who you’ve heard/read about.

Our frontend engineering team needs you. You’ll collaborate closely with our product team to deliver a world class user experience on the web and mobile. We use React/React Native for our mobile and web apps. We share a bunch of code between the two platforms. It’s awesome.

We care more about technical fundamentals than we do with knowledge of a particular technical stack. It’s very helpful if you have experience with web frontend frameworks.

If you’re interested, say hello to us at careers@loaddocs.co. We’re based near Moscone Center in SF. We're always interested in grabbing lunch/coffee/dinner with cool people and great engineers.

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